Gary Sugal (GSugal)


A Few Words About Gary Sugal

Gary Sugal is a professional photographer, and artist based out of Providence, Rhode Island

Gary's thirty two years as a professional photographer /artist has resulted in thousands of beautiful prints produced for brides and grooms, senior corporate officers along with photography assignments at hundreds of private events.

It is Gary's personal mission to help clients benefit from the many years of experience Gary has coordinated hundreds events involving wedding photography and videography.

Located in Providence Rhode Island, Gary Sugal operates a successful brick and mortar photography and art studio, and regularly travels on assignments all over the United States.

Gary offers a complete range of photography, and museum qualt;iy original painting services. .

Our rates are very competitive and we provide outstanding quality and value for the money.

Contact Gary Sugal for fine quality professional photography, videography along with outstanding original paintings. (401) 751 2501